Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Friday, April 4, 2014


I got to Mardin day before yesterday.  The bus from Urfa dumped us on the road in the newer part of town.  I knew that the older part of the city where I wanted to stay was up the hill, so I just waited for a dolmuş heading up the hill and asked if it was going to the city center.  It was packed like a sardine can and I got off as soon as it was clear that we were in the old city.

Mardin seems quite touristy.  According to Lonely Planet, people from other parts of Turkey who used to avoid the Southeast are now flocking to Mardin.  There are lots of "butik" hotels and they are more expensive than any other place I have seen in the Southeast.  There are lots of shops selling artisanal soap.  You get the idea.  There are a lot more people in Mardin wearing western clothes, and women who are not covered up, than in Urfa.  I imagine a lot of these people are tourists from other parts of Turkey.

Another thing I noticed about Mardin is that if you try to get something to eat after, say, 8PM,  your choices dry up fast.  I think people eat early here.

Mardin is very close to Syria and the hill that it sits on looks towards Syria.

A minaret on the Ulu Cami (great mosque)

Looking toward Syria

Part of the Ulu Cami

A doorway

Lots of shops selling various nuts - including sugar coated almonds which are very good

I saw a lot of these donkeys

Fancy soap shop

Lots of wine shops selling some kind of local wine.

In the market

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