Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Saturday, January 4, 2014

In London

I was only a few hours late getting to London, after taking off during a snowstorm in New York.  I was just glad that the flight wasn't canceled.  After getting through passport control and customs,
I used Skype with the free WiFi in Heathrow to call my Airbnb host, Loic.  I let him know that I was on my way.

My first Airbnb experience is working out fine.  I'm staying in a nice area very close to central London, for not a lot of money.  I have a perfectly nice room.  I think this is a two bedroom flat, and I have one of the bedrooms.  There's only one bathroom for the whole flat but that's not been a problem.

Yesterday was a typical London winter day - sun shining one minute, raining the next minute.  When you look up at the sky during the winter here, you can see that the clouds are moving very fast, which keeps the weather changing all the time.

Last night I went to have some sushi at a conveyer belt sushi bar that I used to go to when I lived here.  It's on Brewer Street in Soho, where there are lots of other little Japanese places.  It's still good and not very expensive.

Today is a gray rainy day.  After sleeping until after 10 this morning (it was good to get some sleep), I went out and got a newspaper (sticker shock - £2.30 for The Guardian) and had some coffee.

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