Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Friday, January 17, 2014


I left Ljubljana on Wednesday at 2:45PM and got to Zagreb about 5:15PM, including a stop at the Croatian border.  That border stop was the first time since I got onto the Eurostar train in London that anybody asked to see my passport.   Unlike Slovenia, Croatia has its own currency, so I had to get some Croatian Kunas.

After taking care of that I headed over to my host Milos's place, which is right behind the train station.  The apartment is in one of two big Communist era apartment towers that aren't all that pretty from the outside, but are very conveniently located for the city center.

The view from my room - overlooking the train tracks.

The building where I stayed - at the top floor on the right.

The other (identical) apartment block.

I had not noticed that the place didn't have WiFi when I booked it.  It does have internet, though it is wired (not wireless).  So after arriving and unpacking the first thing I had to do was to go out and find one of those USB to Ethernet adapter things that they make for Apple laptops, since modern Apple laptops do not come with Ethernet ports.  I was able to find one with no problem.  I should bought one before I left the US.

When I got back from my shopping trip, Milos had gone.  I pretty much had the place to myself the whole time I was there.

The next day I started exploring the city.  There's a big main square called Ban Jelačić Square which is right at the center of the city, and just north of there, up a set of steps from Ban Jelačić Square, is a big market area called the Dolac Market.  In Dolac Market there is a square where the fruit and vegetable vendors are.  There is a building next to that square where they sell seafood.  And, underneath all that, in a sort of basement, are the meat and cheese vendors.  It was fun to walk around there but I didn't buy anything.

In front of the train station (that's the big building).

Walking up towards the city center from the station.

A museum (I think) in the part that runs north of the station.

In the city center.  Croatia joined the EU last summer.

Ban Jelačić Square

Ban Jelačić Square

Dolac market

The seafood part of the market

In the very churchy area around the cathedral

Detail on a building in the churchy area.

The cathedral

Next to the cathedral

Dolac market again

Some prunes in the market

Peppers in the market

At the entrance to the market

In the meat part of the market

In the park

After exploring the market, I walked up to the Zagreb Cathedral and explored the area around there.  It was like a Catholic theme park around there, with every other book store selling religious books, and priests, monks, and nuns everywhere.  I had been noticing, and not just in that area, that Croatia is very Catholic.

I bought a train ticket to Split, and a seat reservation on a 6:30AM train the next day, before going back to the apartment.  Before turning in for the night Milos came by the apartment, and we went out and had a beer.  Another thing I noticed about Croatia in that bar is that Croatians like to smoke, a lot.  I think that smoking is illegal in places over a certain size, but Milos told me that they have just given up enforcing that law.

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