Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Friday, January 17, 2014

Zagreb to Split

I got a 6:30 train this morning from Zagreb to Split, arriving in Split on time at 12:45.  It was a long ride, much of it on a single track line, all of it in a two car diesel train which wasn't very different from the commuter trains that Chiltern Railways runs out of London Marylebone station to Seer Green.

The trip went through some interesting areas.  I started noticing a lot of houses that looked abandoned, often without windows, doors, or roofs.  The train was going pretty slowly and I could see markers by the side of the track that I later figured out were markers for minefields.  We stopped at a place called Knin in the middle of all that.  It looked like some place where something bad might have happened, and indeed it did.  After Knin, the train stopped at another station where I could see that the Cyrillic version of the station name had been removed.

Area around Knin, seen from the train

A station with the sign changed
Approaching Split, first view of the Adriatic.

Split is beautiful, and it looks like it could be part of Italy.   It must be really nice here in the summer.  I am staying in a studio apartment inside the walls of Diocletian's Palace.

View from  my studio apartment.

Walking along the harbor

On the Promenade

In the old city

In the old city

Looking over the harbor

I'm heading to Dubrovnik tomorrow.

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